Entitled Island Time, a photograph of our property is featured on the front cover of the ‘Summer Escape’ section of the Sunday Star Times – January 11th 2009. Inside is an article; Island Getaways, Escape the Mainland for a Taste of the Islands, NZ-style.

The photograph shows native boundary planting, blocks of vines and the planted maze, labyrinth. This photograph was taken before construction had started for the house and Tasting Room, the view east Taster. We use to nickname the property ‘far from the madding crowd’. Waiheke Island is just that, an island getaway, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The maze is another feature of our property, an organic design planted with three different native coastal shrubs, with an off-centre centre in which can be found a sculpture of three timber and copper figures by local artist Richard Wedekind. The maze can be accessed from the Tasting Room courtyard. more >>