LATEST NEWS - 2008 - 2009 Exhibition Janette McKibbin

2008 - 2009 Exhibition Janette McKibbin
'Puriri Moths and Water Lilies'

Auckland artist Janette McKibbin has been painting moths for a number of years and loves the subtly of their colour and markings. The puriri moth (Anetus virescens) is one of the most colourful of the New Zealand native moths and is the largest, having a wingspan of up to 15 centimetres.

The caterpillar stage can last five years. When the adult moth finally emerges, on warm humid evenings from September to November, it lives for only a couple of nights, long enough to breed and it does not feed as its mouth parts do not work.

Janette sees the Puriri series as capturing a fleeting life and preserving it – much as moths pinned and catalogued in a museum.

Janette has a great love for botanical art and the water lilies are from a series of paintings created to reflect the murky depths and tangled stems under the water contrasting with the beauty of the flowers above.