Enter 31 Cowes Bay Road for directions to view east.
Tourism Auckland website for Waiheke island.
The Waiheke Winegrowers – Island of Wine website.
A historic guest cottage just metres from the beach located on a 60-acre property featuring tranquil bush, rolling farmland and a unique contemporary sculpture park.
Stunning Sculpture Park, open by appointment only, with a two-hour guided walk.
Stunning setting and contemporary, Te Whau Lodge perches high on a ridge overlooking Putiki Bay in the foreground and across the Waitemata Harbour to Auckland city - the views are dramatic.
Biannual outdoor large scale sculpture exhibition set along some of Waiheke’s spectacular coastal landscape. Past exhibitions include 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

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Regular passenger ferry departs from the downtown (CBD) ferry terminal, approx. 35 mins to Matiatia Waiheke.
360 Discovery run a ferry to and from Auckland – Coromandel which stops at Orapiu, Waiheke Island, five minutes (by car) from view east. Orapiu is a small coastal settlement at the eastern end of Waiheke.
Regular car and passenger ferry departs from Half Moon Bay, Pakuranga, approx. 45 mins to Kennedy Point, Waiheke.

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